Our History

Dulin United Methodist Church

From its early beginnings in the parlor of William and Ann Adams at Church Hill in 1750 to the days of Fairfax Chapel and the Circuit Riders, and then in 1869 as Dulin Chapel and now as Dulin United Methodist Church, the congregation has ever searched onward and upward as they strengthen their faith with service, prayer, and their attendance.  Our Church has been a beacon of light to us, beckoning to all to come and Worship.  The Spirit of Dulin has always given those of us privileged to worship in its pews new faith, new hope, and new courage, just as the same spirit sustained those who sat with Jesus in Galilee many years ago.  As we look briefly over the past 150 years we see that our Church is built on solid foundations.

Dulin United Methodist Church traces its roots back to 1774 when the Frederick Circuit was organized. Church Hill, a private home built in 1750, stood at what is now 6145 Leesburg Pike until late 1962 was the second known Methodist preaching place in Virginia. The mantel from Churchill is now displayed in the hallway just outside our sanctuary. Fairfax Chapel was sited at the present Oakwood Cemetery at Seven Corners. Prior to Fairfax Chapel a log and clapboard structure stood there but was replaced in 1798 with a larger building. This site was given to the Trustees of the Methodist Meeting House in 1818. Fairfax Chapel was the second church built in the village of Falls Church, the first being The Old Falls Church. Early preachers at Fairfax Chapel included Robert Strawbridge, the first American Methodist preacher, and Francis Asbury, the first American Bishop.

Dulin is now located on a site given in 1867, by Mr. William Y. Dulin. Following the suspension of services at Fairfax Chapel and the end of the Civil War, the first sanctuary was built at 513 E. Broad Street in 1869. Since that time the church has undergone three major additions and changed its name to Dulin United Methodist Church.

Over the years the ministry of Dulin has centered on four areas: education, worship, outreach and evangelism. We connect with God through inspiring worship. We offer many different formats in Sunday School and other Christian Education ministries. Our outreach ministries reach out to the local community, the nation and the world in the name of Christ. In evangelism we seek to bring the Good News of the gospel to our friends and neighbors in the neighborhood. Dulin exists to be a caring,supportive nurturing fellowship witnessing to the good news of God's love in the community and the world.